Hyosung Force

With it's brilliant 12.1 inch display, touch function keys,and elegant user interface, the Force has become the new standard in retail ATMS. The integrated topper now comes with brightness control and the lighted vault makes loading and servicing the ATM a breeze.  The Force also offers a low cost camera upgrade which photographs user transactions and stores it with the associated transaction record.

Hyosung 2700CE

Touting a modern new design and high resoluton touch screen display, the 2700CE is still a popular choice in the retail ATM market.  It's heavier, enhanced vault and locking mechanism offers added security. The 2700CE also includes an optional anti-skimming device detector, vibration sensor, and local siren.

                                            Hyosung Halo II


Despite it's lower price point, the Halo II has plenty of bells and whistles. From it's vivid 10.1 inch color LCD screen to it's customizable color LED lighting around the keypad, this machine is still a real eye catcher. With components that are compatible with Hyosung's older retail models, the Halo II allows ATM owners

to use interchangeable parts. It's no surprise that the Halo II is still a top seller.

Genmega Onyx

Introduced in 2018, the Genmega Onyx boasts a 10.1 inch LED screen and lighted touch function keys. It is fully compliant for EMV, PCI, and ADA. With the look of a high-end financial ATM, it's sure to attract customers and encourage more transactions.  The Onyx is quickly becoming a popular alternative for ATM owners of all types.

                                               Triton Traverse

Still going strong after 10 plus years, this model continues a long line of quality American-made Triton ATMs. It features a

high resolution 8" display, voice guidance, tcp/ip connectivity, and a lighted PCI keypad.  With it's trouble free Hantle H-1 cash dispenser and sturdy printer, the Traverse is still a modern day workhorse.

Triton Argo

The latest star in the Triton line features a massive 12-inch high definition touch screen display and comes equipped with a PCI and Remote Key Transfer Keypad, EMV card reader, voice guidance system, and electronic safe lock. Extra backlighting makes this machine attractive and user friendly.


Nautilus Hyosung Halo

With its unique design, high definition 10 inch display, and highly illuminated keypad, this machine is quickly becoming a favorite in the retail ATM market.  It is internet-ready, PCI compliant, and comes with voice guidance, an EMV card reader, and electronic safe lock. This model was replaced by the Halo 2 in 2014, but is still a popular choice in the recondioned segment.

Triton RL2000

Equipped with a windows operating system, PCI compliant keypad, voice guidance, and the workhorse SDD1700 cash dispenser, this ATM was just taken out of production in 2013. It is internet ready and comes with a color screen, lighted topper, and electronic safe lock.

Nautilus Hyosung 1800 Series


The Mini Bank 1800 series features a windows operating system, 8" high resolution screen, audio jack with voice guidance, lighted keypad, and direct internet connectivity.  It's still a great choice for ATM owners who don't want to purchase a brand new machine.  Most of these machines are still going strong and with so many of them deployed over the years, parts are still reasonably priced.


                         Nautilus Hyosung MB1500SE

A top seller in the ATM industry for years, the Mini Bank 1500 was taken out of production in late 2009.   However, with an EMV upgrade, this ATM can now have all the software and communication features that newer models offer. It provides solid performance at a

much lower price point.